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In the end, just three things matter -
How well we have lived
How well we have loved
How well we have learned to let go

Jack Kornfield

Just one of those precious moments...

Every once in a while the hustle and bustle can get me out of sorts. I suspect this is the case for most of humankind. Mindfulness tends to be the tool I chose most often to re-center.

I didn't realize how much so until one day, when I was particularly frazzled, my seven year old daughter turned to me. She put her hand in my forearm and said, "mommy, let's just take a deep breath together."

I looked down at the compassion in her eyes. A look I'm sure every parent that has ever witnessed their child suffer beyond their control would relate to. Here was my baby so completely attuned while I was so completely disconnected and in that single breath every stress and every worry I had been feeding disappeared. As I exhaled a picture of Bill Cosby flashed before my eyes (kids say the darndest things) and I couldn't help but giggle as my own words were being fed back to me. It's funny... for the life of me, I can't remember what all the fuss was about.

— Leigh Sanger

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